You know you watch too much HZGG when ...

01) You go off to Beijing to claim your title because you believe you are a lost princess of China.

02) You try to attract butterflies by spraying odd smelling perfume.

03) You parade around your room in royal Chinese silk outfits complete with the large headpiece and tall, sharp shoes.

04) You make pads for your knees like Xiao Yan Zi so they won't hurt when you kneel down.

05) You decide to grow your hair out and then tie it in a ponytail after you shave the front part of your head.

06) You try to convince your father that his concubine turned into a butterfly and flew away.

07) You constantly say the phrase "yao tou yi ke yao ming yi tiao"

08) You try to spin your way up towards the top of a tree, but instead crash into it.

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