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What happens in HZGG III: Tian Shang Ren Jian

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This 3rd installment of Huan Zhu Ge Ge is known as "Tian Shang Ren Jian." Xiao Yan Zi and Zi Wei are still the sweet characters we've grown to love (portrayed by new actresses in this 3rd installment). Time has matured them, though perhaps only a tiny bit in Xiao Yan Zi's case. They are happily married to the men they love, but you know happiness can never last without conflict. A war breaks out between China and Burma, and Yong Qi and Er Kang go off to fight. Er Kang is captured by the Burmese king and he becomes addicted to cocaine. One of the king's daughters soon falls in love with Er Kang. (Yet another beautiful woman falls for Er Kang). Her name is Mu Sha, and she won't let him go back to Beijing. Will Er Kang start feeling something for her as well? Meanwhile, back at home, Zi Wei is alone with Dong Er, Er Kang's son...when she goes searching for Er Kang, she finds a bedraggled-looking man who has no memory of her and refuses to acknowledge that he is the Er Kang that she is seeking.

What about Xiao Yan Zi and Yong Qi? Lao Fo Ye finds another wife in place of Xiao Yan Zi to help Yong Qi bear a child. (Xiao Yan Zi is unable to conceive another child after the first miscarriage). The new woman is Yan Zhi Hua. She is one of the four daughters of the Chen Family, and her father is a good friend of the Emperor's. Complications soon arise in that love triangle between her, Yong Qi, and Xiao Yan Zi. Xiao Yan Zi and Yong Qi's emotions are put to the test. How far does love go?

Qing Er and Xiao Jian don't have it easy either. The whole palace is against their marriage, and the two escape from the palace. As usual, Qian Long (the emperor) is extremely angry over their actions and wants to forget them forever. (Similar to his anger when Xiao Yan Zi and Zi Wei helped Han Xiang escape the palace in season two). He eventually forgives them and allows their marriage. As for Qian Long's own romance life...he meets a prostitute named Xia Ying Ying.

opening sequence; the war with Burma er kang stares into mu sha's eyes zi wei holding her son dong er yong qi hastily untying his wedding outfit from zhi hua's xiao yan zi pushed qing er into xiao jian on purpose

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zi wei & er kang xiao yan zi & yong qi zhi hua & yong qi qing er & xiao jian xia ying ying & qian long

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