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The title, Huan Zhu Ge Ge means, Princess Of Pearl. Princess, in Manchu is known is Ge Ge. Huanzhu means, "returned pearl", pearl to chinese symbolised precious. Story happens during the Qing Dynasty, when Manchurians ruled the land of China. The emperor in the story, Qianlong (named Hong Li), is the 4th emperor of the Qing Dynasty, whom is the 4th son of the previous emperor (Yong Zheng).

The story is triggers off based on the author's curiosity on the "Princess Grave" in Beijing. According to legend, there was a grave made for the unofficial princess during the ruling of Qianlong, whereby the princess was said to be the foster daughter of Qianlong. In the actual history, Qianlong had more than 40 concubines, 17 sons and 10 daughters. Xiang Fei (Concubine Xiang) was said to be one of his concubine in some legend.

The author has empahsize that the story on Huanzhu Ge Ge is just for entertainment purpose, it does not reflects on the actual history of China.

Author of the books: Qiong Yao
Publisher: Crown Publishing Pte Ltd

All of the below content summarised by Sureen Lim.
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Story Summary
Part One
Book 1 of 3 "The Mistook"

Xia Zi Wei with her maid Jin Suo came all the way from Ji Nan (a province in China) to Beijing in order to look for her father. According to her deceased mother, Xia Yu He, her father is the emperor of the China, Qian Long, named Hong Li. While trying means and ways to meet her father, the two girls met Xiao Yan Zi, who appears as a "thief" in Officer Liang's mansion. They becomes friends soon and later sworn as sisters. Zi Wei then told Xiao Yan Zi regarding her real identity, which is the daughter of the emperor. Warm-hearted Xiao Yan Zi then suggested to climb the cliff at the east side of the hunting ground for the emperor's hunting event. As gentle as Zi Wei, she could not make it to the hunting ground with her weak stamina. Zi Wei then asked Xiao Yan Zi to help her in relaying the message instead.

As Xiao Yan Zi got into the hunting ground, she was shot by the 5th prince, Yong Qi. Almost dying, Qian Long tries hard to save her when he saw the proofs (a painting and a fan that Qian Long gave to Xia Yu He) that Zi Wei handed to Xiao Yan Zi previously. Qian Long then mistook Xiao Yan Zi as his daughter and made her as Huanzhu Ge Ge (Princess of Returned Pearl) after she recovered. As Qian Long's love was so heart-warming, Xiao Yan Zi can't bear to tell the truth. As time goes by, she got more frighten of telling the truth as it was an big offence to deceive the emperor. However, Xiao Yan Zi try all ways to get out of the palace in order to meet up with Zi Wei and clarify to her.

Meanwhile, Zi Wei was very worried about Xiao Yan Zi until one day she found her appearing as "Ge Ge" (princess) in front of the people of Beijing. She was devastated, she went screaming and crying behind Xiao Yan Zi's sedan. Being the emperor's security officer, Fu Er Kang have to settle the chaos caused without alarming the emperor and princess. However, on hearing Zi Wei's recited poems (the poem on the painting), he got suspious of the whole incident and decided to take her in for further investigation. Incidents then happened in the palace, whereby Xiao Yan Zi caused a lot of troubles in the palace and made the Empress as enemy while Zi Wei, Fu's family and Yong Qi tries to find out the truth of the real princess. Xiao Yan Zi admitted the mistook when questioned by both Er Tai and Yong Qi. Zi Wei forgave her when she knows about the actual situation. Meanwhile, Er Kang gets to express his love for Zi Wei whereby Zi Wei responsed positively.

Book 2 of 3 "Adversity"

Xiao Yan Zi was beaten up by Qian Long as she had not been abiding the rules. Morever, due to the guilt, she oftens claims that she is not a princess. However, it was mistook by Qian Long that Xiao Yan Zi was still blaming him for abandoning "her mother". Hence, he dotes on her even more and allow her not to follow the rules set in the palace. Xiao Yan Zi then got to meet up with Zi Wei. The both girls then cleared the misunderstanding. Zi Wei hopes that Xiao Yan Zi will continue being a princess as there will caused alot of people to suffer if the truth is out.

Sensing the impossibilities between Er Kang and Zi Wei, Er Kang's parent suggested that Er Kang should leave Zi Wei to avoid unnecessary troubles. Devoted as Er Kang could not agree, Er Kang's mother then turn to Zi Wei. As Zi Wei realise the obstacles, she decided to leave with Jin Suo as not to get Er Kang into trouble. Er Kang was devastated when he knows that she had left, his parents too regretted. He went around Beijing to find Zi Wei but in vain. Finally he got help from Xiao Yan Zi and found her in the valley (You You Gu) they used to go. He then decided to take the risk by sending Zi Wei into the palace in order to settle the problem. Yong Qi agrees as he was trying hard to break away from the "sibling" relationship with Xiao Yan Zi due to his affection for her.

Finally, Zi Wei and Jin Suo got into the palace. The empress tries to be mean to the three girls, but this however makes Qian Long notice about Zi Wei's talent and kindness instead. Qian Long decided to go for a tour out of palace, Xiao Yan Zi, Zi Wei, Er Kang, Er Tai and Yong Qi went along with few other subordinates of Qian Long.

Book 3 of 3 "The Truth"

They then went touring around whereby many incidents happened along the way. Yong Qi also gets to express his love for Xiao Yan Zi then. Xiao Yan Zi then realise her mutual feeling for Yong Qi when she gets jealous as Yong Qi tries to help a helpless girl. Along the journey, Zi Wei performed so well that she was well-liked by everyone, especially the emperor. Unexpectedly, the group met assasinators in a town. Zi Wei was then badly wounded when she tries to save Qian Long from a stab. Before she gets the knife out of her chest, she got the promise from the emperor that Xiao Yan Zi will not be beheaded when she did anything wrong. She also got the promise from Er Kang that he will take care of Jin Suo. Fortunately, she recovered from the injury. Qian Long was so impressed and touched by her act that he was confused by this kind of feeling.

As the "Tu Si" (ruler) of West Tibet, Ba Le Ben, will be visiting Beijing to pledge alliance with China, the group have to get back to the palace in one month's time. Ba Le Ben brought along her precious little princess, Sai Ya, with him. Meanwhile, Qian Long mistook Zi Wei's care and concern for love between a man and woman, hence trying to make Zi Wei his concubine. Besides, Sai Ya adores Er Kang and Ba Le Ben requested the marriage for Sai Ya with Er Kang. Facing all these hazards, Xiao Yan Zi decide to tell Qian Long the truth. Qian Long was very shocked of the truth and could not accept it. Empress, trying to get rid of Ling Fei (Concubine Ling), Fu's family, Yong Qi, Xiao Yan Zi and Zi Wei, she makes the three girls (with Jin Suo) to go into jail. She gets Officer Liang to toture the girls to make them confess the accuse of intending to assasinate the emperor.

Er Kang and Yong Qi together with the girls' good friends, Liu Qing and Liu Hong, to get the girls out of the jail. On the other hand, Qian Long digested the whole truth and finally realised his fatherly love for the two girls. He then decided to get them out of the jail personally. Unfortunately, the escaping of the group reaches him. He was furious about it and ordered that the group to be taken back. The group then decided to go back for sentence as they would not bear to get those innocent people involved.

Qian Long then gets to understand the situation. As he gets upset when he saw the wounds on those girls, he beheaded Officer Liang and forgave Xiao Yan Zi, Zi Wei, Jin Suo, Er Kang, Er Tai and Yong Qi. In order to settle problem for Er Kang regarding Sai Ya, Er Tai decided to court Sai Ya, partly also because she reassembles the character of Xiao Yan Zi. Qian Long finally acknowlegde Zi Wei as daughter and made her as Ming Zhu Ge Ge (Princess of Bright Pearl). He also got the 3 couples engaged. The seven guys and girls often go out together enjoying themselves before their marriage.

Part Two
Book 1 of 5 "Tribulations Once More"

Zi Wei being acknowledge by Qian Long stays in Shu Fang Zhai with Xiao Yan Zi. Tai Hou (the Great Empress) returned from Wu Tai Shan (Moutain Wu Tai) to the palace with Qing Ge Ge (Princess Qing) a.k.a Qing Er. With Empress and Rong Ma Ma influence, Tai Hou has no good impression of the two princess, Zi Wei and Xiao Yan Zi. And of course, troubles created by them (actually was Xiao Yan Zi) worsen the situation.

Ali He Zhuo (Ruler Ali) came all the way to Beijing from the border of Hui Tribe to pledge alliance with China. Bringing along his precious daughter Xiang Princess, Han Xiang, to be present to Qian Long. Though Han Xiang was to agree unwillingly, she keeps her heart and body only to her lover Meng Dan. Meng Dan tries hard to prevent Ali from sending Han Xiang to Qian Long, they even tried to elude 7 times in their homeland. Er Kang, Yong Qi, Zi Wei and Xiao Yan Zi gets to know about their story and was deeply touched by their love. They decided to help Han Xiang to get out of the palace in order to be with Meng Dan. The three girls hence become best friends.

Meanwhile, Zi Wei gets to know about the "unusual" relationship of Er Kang and Qing Er. In fact, Qing Er nearly got engage with Er Kang three years ago, however, as she was too young then, the emperor give up the thoughts. But, Zi Wei insisted that Er Kang had a "past" with Qing Er and was heart-broken by this matter. She even had an arguement with Er Kang, nevertheless Er Kang's unchange love for her resolves her doubts.

Book 2 of 5 "Till Death Do Us Apart"

Ever since Han Xiang being made as Xiang Fei (Concubine Xiang), she never did succumb to Qian Long both mentally and physically. Apparently, Qian Long was too deeply in love with her that he couldn't bears to punish her. Though, getting on his nerves sometimes, Han Xiang escaped with the help of the two princesses. Nevertheless, Tai Hou tries to seperate the two couples thinking that Xiao Yan Zi was incompatible with Yong Qi. She also tries to match-make Er Kang with Qing Er as she know of Qing Er's affection for Er Kang since three years ago.

At the same time, the group still thinking of plans that will get Han Xiang out of the palace. Empress and Rong Ma Ma, trying to frame the two princesses, puts a voodoo doll which contains the emperor's birthdate with needles on it. It was believe that the doll could harm the emperor. Both the empress and Tai Hou then totures Zi Wei in order to make her confront. Zi Wei almost die from that. Though this was the case, Qian Long trusted the two girls. From this incident, Qing Er was very touched by the deep love Er Kang exhibited for Zi Wei, she then tries to help the couple by putting good word for them in front of Tai Hou. Since then, Zi Wei and Qing Er becomes good friends.

However, Tai Hou was very dissatisfy with Xiao Yan Zi. To get her into Tai Hou's good book, Yong Qi tried hard to make Xiao Yan Zi work hard on her studies. But this however irritates Xiao Yan Zi and caused her to runaway from the palace. Yong Qi was devastated, try looking for Xiao Yan Zi but in vain. Never did he know that Xiao Yan Zi was trapped in a shop but a baddie (Boss Du) and his wife, making her to work as a slave. Luckily, Xiao Yan Zi managed to escape. Yong Qi was relieved and vowed to treat Xiao Yan Zi the best he could.

Book 3 of 5 "The Sad and The Happiness"

Yong Qi, Er Kang, Liu Qing, Liu Hong and Meng Dan revenged for Xiao Yan Zi by beating the two baddies up and sending them to jail. Tai Hou forgave Xiao Yan Zi's runaway as Qing Er puts good words for her and Yong Qi. The group met a swordman named Xiao Jian. "Xiao Jian" was not his real name, "Xiao" meant flute and "Jian" meant sword. He then become the good friend of the gang.

One day, Qian Long tries to possess Han Xiang, however was wounded by her dragger. As it was a very serious offence to hurt the emperor, Qian Long asked Han Xiang not to mention anything about the incident as he loves her very much. Nevertheless, Tai Hou found out the truth and decided to sentence Han Xiang to death without Qian Long's awareness. Han Xiang drank the whole bottle of poison which is extremely venom. She nearly die, but because of the antidote pills she took and her strong love for Meng Dan, she survived. The group then decided that they should get Han Xiang out of the palace as soon as possible as she will be faces dangers when she remain in the palace. During her recovery, the group with Xiao Jian's help managed to disguise Meng Dan into Priest Sa Man to get into the palace in order to meet Han Xiang.

As they finally help Han Xiang and Meng Dan to elope, they had to make up a story in order to face Qian Long and other's queries. Zi Wei and Xiao Yan Zi were made to tell the story that they saw Han Xiang turned into a butterfly as she danced. Qian Long believed them at first, however, the empress found out the truth and the girls were then put into the jail by their furious father. At the same time, the empress found Zi Wei's uncle, auntie and the labor lady to make false statements about Zi Wei's identity. Zi Wei was shattered by the "truth", however, with the support of Er Kang, saying that no matter who Zi Wei is or how the future will be, he will always stay by her side loving her. Zi Wei hence manager to accept whatever fate's for her. The raged Qian Long sentenced the two girls to be beheaded, Jin Suo to be sent to Mongolia and Er Kang to be jailed (Yong Qi had escaped with the help of Ling Fei). The night just before the sentence prosecutes, Ling Fei
and Qing Er tried to get the three person out of the jail, however only succeeded in getting Er Kang out.

Book 4 of 5 "Roaming The World"

Er Kang, Yong Qi, Liu Qing, Liu Hong together with Meng Dan and Xiao Jian managed to deprive the two girls in time before they sent to the sentence ground. They came to a farmer, Lao Ou's (Xiao Jian's friend) house to avoid from the hunt of the imperial guards. They also manage to get Jin Suo out from the trip to Mongolia. Before setting off to a restless life of fleeing, they organise a wedding for Meng Dan and Han Xiang, whereby after that they'll head off for Yunan Dali. With the lead of Xiao Jian, the group heads for Yunan in a different route, however, on their way, Xiao Yan Zi and Jin Suo were both caught by the chasing guards, Zi Wei was also hurt during the fought. Xiao Yan Zi was then saved by Xiao Jian and Yong Qi, Jin Suo saved by Liu Qing and Liu Hong.

Meanwhile, Zi Wei lost her sight after putting up the inn, the couple was devastated once again. Xiao Yan Zi and gang managed to catch up with Er Kang and Zi Wei, all heading to the big city Luo Yang to find a better physician. At the same time, Liu Qing and Jin Suo found themselves in love with each other. Liu Hong then leave the two and tries to catch up with Er Kang and gang. At the same time, Qian Long missed the children though he's still angry with them. He sent Officer Li to find the gang, however, this time emphasising not to hurt them.

When the gang reaches city Luo Yang, Er Kang, Zi Wei and Xiao Yan Zi immediately after they've settled in a small Si He Yuan (old ancient residential building). Most of the doctor they've seen do not have any idea about Zi Wei's condition, till the last doctor, Er Kang tries to get the location of the stated address and ask Xiao Yan Zi to take care of Zi Wei for a while. Xiao Yan Zi however attracted by a chess game, left Zi Wei alone in the street causing her to be abducted by a baddie. Er Kang flew in a big rage after knowing Zi Wei's disappearance, he was worried and heart-broken. Fortunately, they've retrieve Zi Wei back from a brothel intact. Er Kang forgave Xiao Yan Zi after Zi Wei's return. While furthering their journey, Er Kang got seriously wounded by the Empress's killer, Ba Lang. Zi Wei was paranoid about it and insist she would take care of Er Kang. Miracle happened, Zi Wei regained her sight while taking care of Er Kang. The group then decide to earn some money by making street performance.

Book 5 of 5 "Companionship At Last"

Throughout the whole trip, Xiao Jian took care of Xiao Yan Zi so well and dotes on her very much. Yong Qi begin to get jealous with Xiao Jian, he thought that Xiao Jian had fallen in love with Xiao Yan Zi. There were times that they nearly falls out with each other because of Xiao Yan Zi. During one performance they made, they were discovered by Officer Li whom was sent by Qian Long to get them back. However, as the group misunderstood that those killers were sent by Qian Long to kill them (actually sent by the Empress), they fought with Officer Li and escaped.

The group met a little girl who was ill-treated by her foster father, they bought her over from the wicked man and Xiao Yan Zi gave her a name called Xiao Ge Zi (Little Pigeon). They took her with them along the way although there was an debate among them on whether or not to bring Xiao Ge Zi with them. Then, they came to the city of Nan Yang where Xiao Jian's friend, the He family, were. They then put up in their mansion. Till then, Yong Qi was too angry with Xiao Jian as he showed too much concern for Xiao Yan Zi. They fought and Er Kang was trying to stop them. Xiao Jian finally speaks the truth whereby Xiao Yan Zi is his natural sister. They were all shocked by the truth, Yong Qi also apologized for his impulsiveness. Xiao Yan Zi was overwhelmed by the news, she was so glad to have Xiao Jian as her real brother. The group decided to leave Xiao Ge Zi with the He's family as they have no children by their side. Xiao Yan Zi although can't bear to part with her "little sister", but she know that it'll be dangerous for them to bring her along as they might be killed any time.

As they intended to leave the place, Jin Suo and Liu Qing finally caught up with them. Zi Wei wants Liu Qing to talk about what's happening between him and Jin Suo, but Liu Qing was too shy to tell. As the group laughed over the matter, they realised that a group of people had surrounded the mansion. It was Fu Lun, Er Kang's father who been ordered by Qian Long to get the children back. Er Kang and Zi Wei werevery surprised and the group was touched when they know that Qian Long had forgiven them and the misunderstandings were then cleared. However, the group did not intend to go back as they think that the palace was a dangerous place for the two girls whom could not protect themselves. Fu Lun had then to drag the time by staying in Nan Yang for 2 weeks. The news was then relay to Qian Long as soon as possible. He was relieved to know that Fu Lun had found them, but gets angry when he knows that they rejected to come back. Qing Er then analyse their feeling to Qian Long which enlightened him to make a decision. Jin Suo was then married to Liu Qing before they decided to set off to Yunan Dali.

As days goes by, Fu Lun decided to leave, asking the group to have a farewell meal with him. At the meal appointment, the appearance of Qian Long greatly surprised them. They were deeply touched by his act, as an emperor, he had actually put down his work and went all the way to Nan Yang to ask the children to go home. They had rejected at first, however, they were so moved by his fatherly love and hence went back with him. Back in palace, everyone was so excited to see the two princesses again, of course, except the Empress and Rong Ma Ma. Tai Hou had forgiven them and decide to accept them finally when she saw the love of Qian Long for them.

One fine day, as they were going to greet the Empress, they found out that the killer was actually an eunuch in Kun Ning Gong. The emperor and Tai Hou finally found out the truth of the voodoo doll and Zi Wei's auntie and uncle's accusation. Qian Long flew into rage and ordered both Empress and Rong Ma Ma to be beheaded. However, the group plead mercy for them. Empress and Rong Ma Ma were so grateful to them that they decided to turn over a new leaf. The palace was then filled with happiness when the two princesses finally married off to their sweet hearts.

NOTE: This story summary was obtained with permission from Huan Zhu Wallpaper Station.

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