Main Characters - HZGG I


Xiao Yan Zi

Played by "Vicky" Zhao Wei

Her name means "little swallow" in Chinese. She is the high energy orphan who used to live with Liu Qing and Liu Hong before she became a princess. Very poor, she made money by performing various martial arts. ("mai yi") Xiao Yan Zi is not a very educated person, and once she becomes a princess, she does not see the use of learning "gui ju" (proper etiquette), and she often has trouble learning "cheng yu"s (chinese four word phrases) and writing calligraphy. She would have probably gone on being an uneducated girl with no future if she hadn't met Zi Wei, the unknown princess of China. When trying to help Zi Wei contact the royal family, a huge mix up occurs, and she is thought to be the emperor's missing daughter. She becomes Huan Zhu Ge Ge, and the focus of the first part of HZGG is that the two girls try to correct this mistake and restore Zi Wei her proper title. But the trouble is..if the king discovers that he has been tricked, Xiao Yan Zi will lose her head. xiao Yan Zi instantly becomes a favorite among the people in the palace, her cheerfulness brightening up everybody's lives, especially the emperor's. Huang Hou (the empress) takes a disliking to her and Zi Wei though...

Xia Zi Wei

Played by "Ruby" Lin Xin Ru

This is the emperor's real daughter. Her mother, Yu He, became pregant with her when the emperor came to study in her town. He fell in love with Yu He's beauty and talents. (This happened many years ago). During Zi Wei's childhood, nobody really paid attention to her mother and herself because her mother had been single when Zi Wei was born. Zi Wei, like her mother, is also an extremely talented and educated girl. After her mother's death at age 18, Zi Wei set off to Beijing with Jin Suo (her servant/companion/best friend) to find her father, the emperor of China. She carried along with her a painting and a fan which had a poem the king had written to her mother. Once they reached Beijing, they found out that it was near impossible to try to contact the king, and the two wandered the streets until they met Xiao Yan Zi. Zi Wei eventually becomes Ming Zhu Ge Ge after many arduous adventures. She is also the girlfriend of Er Kang, the emperor's guard.

Fu Er Kang

Played by Zhou Jie

Acting as one of the emperor's guards, this young man is among the emperor's favorites. Huang Shang (emperor) treats him just as if he were his own son. Er Kang is extremely talented with martial arts. He first meets Zi Wei when she tries to get through the guards to tell the emperor that Xiao Yan Zi isn't really the princess. He soon falls in love with her, willing to go any distance for Zi Wei. Er Kang has a huge temper, especially where Zi Wei is concerned. If he feels like anybody is threatening or making Zi Wei's life unsafe, rash ideas about running away often enter his mind. Not just Zi Wei is attracted to him though...but time and time again, he proves that he only feels true love for Zi Wei.

Yong Qi (Wu A Ge)

Played by "Alec" Su You Peng

Yong Qi is the fifth prince of China and the favorite son of the emperor. His mother died when he was young. His name is Yong Qi, though people mainly referred to him as Wu A Ge (fifth prince) in the first act of the series. Like Er Kang, he is extremely talented in martial arts, and he is a fine, educated young man. The empress is extremely jealous of him because he is such a favorite with the emperor, and she feels that this jeopardizes the chances of her own son (twelfth prince) taking the throne after the emperor's death. Yong Qi falls in love with Xiao Yan Zi after he finds out that she is not really his sister. When he first confesses his feelings for her, Xiao Yan Zi isn't sure how she feels about him. But after becoming jealous at the way Yong Qi treats a peasant girl, she finally realizes her true feelings.

Jin Suo

Played by Fan Bing Bing

This is the faithful servant/companion/dear friend of Zi Wei who travels to Bei Jing with her. She dislikes Xiao Yan Zi somewhat in the beginning because she feels that Xiao Yan Zi and Zi Wei's friendship jeopardizes her own friendship with Zi Wei. She eventually learns to like Xiao Yan Zi though. When Zi Wei is lying in bed, near death after taking the knife for the emperor, she makes Er Kang promise that he will make Jin Suo his concubine/wife if she dies. She doesn't die, though Jin Suo always keeps that promise in her heart, assuming that Er Kang would take her in if anything happened to Zi Wei. She grows rather fond of Er Kang. In the second act though, Zi Wei tells her that the promise is off. She doesn't feel that she is being fair to Jin Suo by promising her to this guy and that without her consent. Jin Suo is at first sad, but soon falls in love and marries somebody else...xD

Fu Er Tai

Played by "Julian" Chen Zhi Peng

Er Tai is Er Kang's funny younger brother. He was also a bodyguard for the emperor before his marriage. He often feels out of place among the two couples, but then he finds a girl for himself...the Princess Sai Ya of Tibet! He marries her during the first act, and isn't seen at all during the second. (Lives in Tibet with his new wife)

Liu Qing

Played by Lu Shi Yu

The man who is like a brother to Xiao Yan Zi. She used to live with him, his sister, and various other people before she became Huan Zhu Ge Ge. Liu Qing is extremely shy, not even able to confess his feelings to Jin Suo in HZGG II. He originally had feelings for Zi Wei, but when the group ran away from the palace in act two, his eyes turned towards Jin Suo. After the marriage, Jin Suo moves out of the palace to help run the restaurant with Liu Qing and Liu Hong. Liu Qing is also a talented martial artist.

Liu Hong

Played by Chen Ying

This is Liu Qing's younger sister. She also knows martial arts, helping the princesses several times to escape from death. She is willing to sacrifice her life for Xiao Yan Zi and Zi Wei. She also helps run the restaurant and acts as the person who tells Jin Suo about Liu Qing's feelings. (Because he is too shy to confess!)

Qian Long (Huang Shang)

Played by Zhang Tie Lin

Qian Long is the emperor of China. Known as Huang A Ma (fatherly name for such a royal person) by Zi Wei and Xiao Yan Zi, he is better known by his subjects as Huang Shang (emperor). He has 25 wives (24 of them are concubines), and many princes and princesses. He is a kind and good ruler. Huang Shang favors Wu A Ge among the princes, and Xiao Yan Zi and Zi Wei among the princesses. He has sudden mood swings, but Xiao Yan Zi, with her funny way of talking, can almost always cheer him up and make him laugh. We see a darker side of him in HZGG II when he tries seducing Xiang Fei, a girl already in love with somebody else.

Huang Hou

Played by Dai Chun Rong

This is the empress of China and the typical evil person. She greatly dislikes Xiao Yan Zi, Zi Wei, Er Kang, and Wu A Ge because the emperor favors them so much. She is always accompanied by Rong Mou Mou, devising plans to get the emperor to hate the two princesses. She also finds ways to torture the poor girls, though most of the harm falls upon Zi Wei because she never fights back. Her only goal is for her son (the twelth prince) to become emperor. The emperor is not fond of her, and would have killed her already if Zi Wei hadn't pleaded for her life. In the end, she grows to accept and like Xiao Yan Zi and Zi Wei after Zi Wei saves her again from being killed by the emperor.

Ling Fei

Played by Juan Zi

Ling Fei is Huang Shang's favorite wife/concubine. She has two daughters and a new born son in HZGG II. She is the kind woman who helps Zi Wei and Jin Suo become maids in the palace, though she is unaware that Zi Wei is the real Huan Zhu Ge Ge. She treats Yong Qi and the two princesses like her own children. When Xiao Yan Zi and Zi Wei are sentenced to death in HZGG II, it is she who helps devise a plan to slip them out of prison the night before the beheading.

Princess Sai Ya

Played by Zhang Heng

Sai Ya is the West Tibetian princess who comes to Beijing with her father during the last part of HZGG I. During a martial arts performance, she fights with Er Kang, and she develops a liking for him after he beats her. She tries to flirt with Er Kang, but he merely ignores her. She often fights with Xiao Yan Zi, having little martial art battless with her to see who is better. At first, the two princesses think that Huang Shang is going to give Yong Qi's hand in marriage to Sai Ya, and this infuriates Xiao Yan Zi. (Especially since the two guys haven't been visiting the princesses lately due to responsibilities of having to show Saiya around Beijing.) But then they find out that Huang Shang really wants to give Er Kang to Saiya..Xiao Yan Zi runs to the emperor to tell him that Er Kang is in love with Zi Wei, confessing that Zi Wei is the real princess. In the end though, Saiya falls in love with Er Tai, the two marry, and Er Tai goes to Tibet to live with her.

Rong Mo Mo

Played by Li Ming Qi

Rong Mo Mo is the cruel servant of the empress. After the empress decides not to harm the princesses anymore, Rong Mo Mo convinces her to continue on, telling her to do it for the sake of her son. She only takes the orders of the empress and emperor and puts on a fake, nice, submissive face around the emperor. When he's not around, she sneaks around spying on the princesses and concocting new plans with the empress on how to torture the two girls.

Xiao Deng Zi, Xiao Zhuo Zi, Ming Xue, Cia Xia

These four are the servants of Xiao Yan Zi. Ming Xue and Cia Xia are the maids, helping the princesses dress, cook, and clean house. Unlike other princesses, Xiao Yan Zi considers the four to be equals, and treats them as equals. She treats them kindly, playing games with them and including them in almost every activity she and her group of friends do. The four love their princesses very much, and often have to cover for them if they sneak out and don't return back to the palace in time.

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