There are variations of the covers for the VCDs, but these two seem to be the most common:

Item: 24 sets in 24 VCDs with Chinese simplified subtitles. This is the first season in Mandarin Chinese.

Approx. value: $49.95

Item:48 sets in 48 VCDs with Chinese subtitles. This is the second season in Mandarin Chinese.

Approx. value:$99.95

Item:CD containing 17 songs and a bonus VCD with three music videos.

Approx. value:$19.95

Item:This is a karaoke CD designed for the viewer to sing along to the songs.

Approx. value:$19.95

Item:A book about the role of Xiao Yan Zi that Zhao Wei (Vicki) played in the show.

Approx. value: Unknown

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