About the Site

This Huan Zhu Ge Ge shrine first made its appearance on Dec. 28, 2002. A lot of time and hard work was put into this website, but I never regretted all the long hours put into writing the information and working on the media. I first became interested in this series during the summer of 2002. My parents had watched it a few months earlier, but I had obstinately refused, believing it was just another sappy, pointless Chinese drama. But while hanging out at a friend's house that summer, he commented on how good the show was; I then decided to give it a try. The show captivated me from episode one with its lively characters and engaging plots. Many of the episodes bringing tears to my eyes. I own all three seasons, and it's a show I highly recommend buying if you're interested in Chinese drama. (No English subtitles though! Though I have heard of an English version in Australia..)

The name of the site, Roses of Yesterday, was inspired by a chapter in an Anne of Green Gables book. The images are free for usage (since I did collect them from various online sites). However, the information, music, and video clips were created by me for this site, so please do not reproduce without permission.

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