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Ep 2 - Marmalade Boy & Mustard Girl

Yuu: What's wrong?
Miki:'re like marmalade.
Yuu: Ah...?
Miki: You're just like marmalade! You look good on the outside, but on the inside you're full of tricks. You're a marmalade boy for sure!
Yuu: Hmm. So...
Miki: (I made a pretty good comparison, didn't I?)
Yuu: Yeah, and you're like this.
Miki: Eh?
Yuu: You're always hot and spicy, a mustard girl.
Miki: (Eh, what? Hot and spicy? Hot and spicy?!) YUU!!!
Yuu: I'm going on ahead of you.
Miki: Just a minute, Yuu! Who's going to clean up? Geesh...!!

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Ep 5 - Bath With Yuu?

Miki: took your bath already.
Yuu: Yeah. Did you want to take a bath together?
Miki: Wha? Idiot!

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Ep 22 - Holding Hands

Miki: By the way...Yuu..
Yuu: Hm?
Miki: Um..after all...
Yuu: What...need to go to the bathroom?
Miki: No! Hand!
Yuu: Hand?
Miki: We've been holding hands.
Yuu: Oh...does this bother you? Want me to let go?
[Miki blushes as Yuu holds up her hand]
Miki: Not particularly.
Yuu: So it's okay. Are you hungry? Let's eat somewhere.
Miki: (I love you. I didn't realize how much. I can't control myself. I really love Yuu.)

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