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[ Initial Rant ]

Marmalade Boy Anime

*Partially taken from blog entry

76 episodes plus a movie, finished on Thursday of some week in January 2003. The movie was rather special. It was great seeing the events from Yuu's POV. It does explain a bit why he liked Miki so much after their first *official* meeting during dinner and kissed her in the infirmary so soon after. Whenever I see that scene, I somehow yearn for spring to come quicker. It's the gentle breeze in the scene that does it. Yuu has such a poker face. So it's great seeing him show so much emotion, especially near the last five episodes where he has to break up with Miki because they are half brothers and sisters. Guys with pained expression crying just breaks my heart.. Really, the entire series was one big soap opera. You just had to keep on watching one after the other to see what happens next. I wondered how they could possibly make 76 episodes out of 8 original manga tankubon, but now I understand.

The anime sure was an emotional roller coaster, for the characters in the show and the viewer. I remember several nights when amidst trying to finish my schoolwork, I would sneak in an episode or two. One school night, I even stayed up till 2:30 in the morning because I couldn't wait to see what happened next. I found the anime more heart-wrenching to watch than the manga. I had already read the entire manga before viewing the anime, so I was pretty familiar with the earlier events in the show. But once it got to the 'Yuu in America' arc, I had no idea what would happen. And each episode left you you just had to move on to the next episode or be haunted by the desire for knowledge. Tears were shed at both sad and happy parts, and I really felt like I was there (as I stared at my mini 15" monitor playing the .rm video files) The anime seemed to focus more on their first breakup (initiated by Miki) instead of the breakup over the half-siblings ordeal. (There was no first breakup in the manga) And then the different love rivals in the anime..geesh. I hated the girls after Yuu more than the guys after Miki. ^^;; I rather liked Kei-kun, but couldn't stand Anju. I'm still a bit curious about Miki and what about her attracted Yuu at first sight though. So many girls had been after him..but he seemed to have fallen for Miki right after he first sees her. Perplexing. Even after their first breakup..Yuu never strays, though Miki did go with Kei-kun for a while. Of course, it was only a distraction to keep her mind off Yuu. There was one thing that irritated me about the show-the flashbacks. It reminded me of the dubbed Cardcaptors. During my second viewing of certain episodes, I didn't seem to notice the flashbacks as much though. Maybe it was because I had already viewed the episodes once and was in no rush to get past all the flashbacks to find out what happened next in the episode. I remember a friend of mine making a statement about the character designs in the show. The characters in the show do seem to be extremely thin with bodies out of proportion, though only noticeable at a far away video angle. Abnormally long legs. I usually don't notice the abnormal body proportions though (abnormal even for an anime). I'm too captivated by their beautiful face designs. Aesthetic beauty rules.

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