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[ Legend of the Medallion ]

Everyone receives a medallion at the ceremony when they first start school. There is a legend about those school medallions...Place a photo of the one you love in the medallion, and he/she will start to love you too. The two will always end up together. Many students put the photo of the person they love and exchange them at graduation. Yuu is dubious about them, but his boss tells them the story of how the power of the medallion brought his love to him. His story awes Miki, and she opens her medallion. "Someday I want to put the photo of the one I love in my locket too. But...should it be Yuu's photo, or Ginta's?"

After becoming a couple, Miki and Yuu exchange their medallions on an evening alone in the park.

"For the happiness of our future together, is this what you mean?" Yuu asks, pulling out his own medallion.

"I love you so much, Yuu!"

"I love you too."

Kei, wishing to break up Miki and Yuu's relationship, shows Yuu the medallion he recovered after Miki lost it in the ice cream shop. "She told me she doesn't want it anymore. She threw it away. It seems she doesn't care about you anymore. Isn't it time to break up?" Seeing Kei with the medallion shocks Yuu. Even though he knows that Miki hadn't thrown it away, he decides to return Miki's medallion to her.

"I'm returning your medallion. I feel like we're restricting each other. I don't like it." -Yuu

"Does this mean we're breaking up?" -Miki

"I don't mean it that way. But if either of us changes our minds, having the medallion wouldn't be honest." -Yuu

The two get into a fight, with Miki thinking that Suzu is the cause of the disagreement. Yuu angrily goes off by himself on his trip (originally planned for the two of them). Heartbroken, Miki demands her medallion back from Kei. She runs to the train station on the day Yuu returns from the trip, asking him to accept her medallion again. He accepts it..and everything is golden again. (As golden as a Marmalade Boy episode can go..Anju also appears in this episode. x.o)

*note: The legend of the medallions only appears in the anime.

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