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[ Introduction ]

I am going on the assumption that you stumbled upon this site and already have some knowledge about the series Marmalade Boy. If not, you may not wish to read on as the site contains major spoilers for those who are not knowledgeable about the various characters in the manga and anime. The series belongs in the romantic comedy genre and revolves around Miki and her love problem struggles. Her friends also have problems of their own that we can not overlook...but Heart's Melody mainly focuses on the relationship between Miki Koishikawa and Yuu Matsuura.

I found out about this series a few years ago when I first became interested in subbed anime. I noticed the title on several fansub pages. The name of the series discouraged me from buying at first. "Marmalade Boy." Somehow it reminded me of mayonnaise. Fat and gooey white mayonnaise. Even after reading a summary of the show, I brushed the show off as a pointless romantic series with a weird name. Boy, never judge a book by its covers, or a series by its name. I would have really missed out on something good if I hadn't recently picked up the Tokyopop Marmalade Boy manga my friend owned and started reading it out of boredom. After the first few pages ("Miki, your father and I are getting a divorce <3."), i="" got="" lost="" in="" the="" story="" and="" wanted="" to="" learn="" more.="" what="" kind="" of="" parents="" were="" these="" to="" announce="" their="" divorce="" with="" smiles="" and="" then="" have="" the="" two="" families="" living="" together="" under="" one="" roof?="" who="" was="" this="" mysterious="" guy="" yuu="" that="" kissed="" miki="" so="" soon="" after="" meeting="" her?="" and="" who="" is="" she="" going="" to="" end="" up="" with="" at="" the="" end?="" i="" never="" expected="" the="" plot="" twists="" and="" revelation="" that="" the="" two="" were="" possibly="" half="" siblings.="" now,="" after="" reading="" all="" eight="" volumes="" of="" the="" manga,="" watching="" the="" 76="" anime="" episodes="" and="" 30="" minute="" movie,="" i="" realize="" what="" i="" would="" have="" missed="" if="" i="" had="" never="" picked="" up="" my="" friend's="">


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