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[ Forced Anime Ending ]

I personally felt that the brother/sister question in Manhattan was forced too quickly in order provide a quick conclusion. It seemed out of place to see two little American children loving each other so much that they'd want to marry each other, thus teaching a lesson to Miki.

Eddy: I have to protect Chris since this area is so dangerous.

Miki: Just like us?

Chris: My brother is very strong.

Miki: You guys really get along well.

Chris: You bet! I love my brother so much! I'll be his wife when I grow up.

Miki: Eddy, will you marry Chris?

Eddy: Of course I will.

Miki: Of course?

Eddy: That's because I love Chris. We'll always...always be together.

Miki: You love each other so you'll be together forever...

You can clearly see that their purpose in that scene was just to tell Miki that being brothers and sisters in love didn't matter if they really did share true love. A deus ex machina? I don't think I've met any young child in America who would feel such adoration for a sibling that he would promise to marry the other person when they grew up. It's just...unrealistic. I enjoyed the manga version of how the two realized they couldn't be apart more than this Manhattan scene. At least the manga-ka brought the readers into the scene gradually as Miki and Yuu finally went on their trip together, their hearts breaking as they believed that this was the last time they could ever be together as a couple. Less abrupt and sweeter.

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