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[ Drama Version ]

This is a dramatization of the anime series by Chinese/Taiwanese actors and actresses. It is known as "Ju Zi Jiang Nan Hai," or "Orange Jam Boy." (Accurate..Marmalade Boy) There are 30 episodes total.

These are a few screenshots from the opening. Hover over each screenshot to see who's in which one.

My Opinion: The opening and ending tunes were catchy...and that was pretty much all I liked about it. Unlike Meteor Garden (Hana Yori Dango drama), the fact that I had seen the real anime version of Marmalade Boy first ruined the effect of this dramatized version. The characters looked odd, especially Yuu (You). I didn't mind as much the way Miki (Guang Xi) looked, but You did not have that essence of Yuu. Sure he had the hair...but he kept reminding me of the actor (who's part of F4 and played the womanizer in Meteor Garden.) Ginta did look like a real live Ginta I had visualized. :D As did Na-chan. The guy who played Na-chan looked exactly like the type of guy who would love and go out with a younger student. The way Miki and Yuu's parents acted in the manga and anime were fine since they weren't real people. But it felt creepy watching their parents act so ditzy in the drama version. (...the peace sign...) I didn't like the computer graphic effects they did for the objects and settings at all. (Like when Miki visualized the tennis ball as Yuu's head and began squeezing it in anger). And then in the opening sequence, they did odd computer effects with Yuu's stomach as Miki 'clawed' at it in anger. (look at screenshot above) The fake balloons, bus, and other drawn settings were also unnerving. The producers probably made these effects to give it an 'anime' feeling, but they just worsened the show quality. Anime belongs where anime goes, and live drama belongs where drama goes. Intermingling the two isn't always a good idea. As for the plot...they were pretty faithful to the original plot by Wataru Yoshizumi. (Everything just occured at a slightly faster pace) That's good. But for anybody who wants to learn more about the Marmalade Boy series, I recommend reading the manga first and then watching the anime. If you're still interested in exploring the series further, I would then buy and watch the drama version.

Download songs from the Marmalade Boy drama~

Opening: Wen Shi De Hua (Greenhouse Flower) - Stella Wong

Ending: Wo Hao Xiang (I Really Want) - Jeff Chang.

For more info about the drama, please visit Juice Box.

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