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[ Characters ]

A brief look at the important characters in both the manga and anime

Miki Koishikawa

Seiyuu: Mariko Kouda
The series revolves around Miki and her trials and problems. She is usually upbeat and happy. She belongs to the tennis club and had a crush on Ginta in Junior High. When she starts going out with Yuu, her anxiety about him increases because of the many other girls who like him. She eventually learns that nothing can take Yuu's heart away.

Yuu Matsuura

Seiyuu: Ryoutarou Okiayu
Yuu is extremely cute, smart, and good at sports. He became interested in architecture after he found out that Yoshimitsu Miwa, the famous architect, was his real father. (Or so he thought...) He loves to tease Miki, even after they become a couple. He often keeps troubles to himself and does not really open up to anybody. He can act abrupt at times, but he is really kind inside.

Ginta Suou

Seiyuu: Jun'ichi Kanamaru
Ginta, Miki's best male friend, has always been there for her. He often acts with too hastily (like kissing Miki in the classroom without asking). When Miki confessed her love for him in Junior High, he did not tell her that the feelings were mutual. He unintentionally broke Miki's heart. He eventually begins to regret it once Yuu enters the picture, and he tries to take Miki back. In the end, he falls in love with Arimi.

Meiko Akizuki

Seiyuu: Wakana Yamazaki

Miki's best friend who is in love with Namura-sensei. She is very pretty and a good writer. Meiko is very rich, but she does not live in the perfect family. Her parents hate each other but won't divorce for financial and appearance reasons. She often gives advice to Miki and always listens to her problems.

Arimi Suzuki

Seiyuu: Aya Hisakawa
Arimi went out with Yuu in Junior High. She is cute, kind, and confident. After Yuu breaks up with her at the end of the three month agreement, she is heartbroken and never quite forgets him. When she meets him again at Wonder Dog, her feelings for him resurface, and she once again tries to win his heart. She resignedly gives up on him in the end though as she realizes his feelings for Miki. She ends up with Ginta.

Suzu Sakuma

Seiyuu: Sakura Tange
Suzu is the cute model who first meets Yuu at a commercial shoot for a new brand of perfume. She is fixated on his good looks, and gets her cousin (Satoshi) to hire Yuu as a private tutor for her. She is somewhat spoiled and pampered. She loves beautiful objects, and does not think that Miki and Yuu look good together. She tries to break up the two and almost succeeds.

Kei Tsuchiya

Seiyuu: Akira Ishida
Kei meets Miki at Bobson's. He is a year younger than Miki. An extremely talented piano player, Kei quit his music school because playing the piano became too much of a chore and responsibility. He acts a bit immature at times, but he changes and becomes understanding after he realizes that he can never win Miki's heart if he doesn't act more mature. In the anime, he goes out with Miki for a while after she breaks up with Yuu.

Satoshi Miwa

Seiyuu: Shinichirou Outa
Everyone thought Satoshi and Yuu were having a relationship based on observations of the two always spending time together. (The video guy was going to film the two and air it as 'The Current Hottest Couple in the School') His father was the man Yuu suspected to be his real father. Satoshi does have a reputation as the playboy Student Body President, but he truly likes Meiko. He likes to joke around a lot, but he also possesses a serious side.

Tsutomu Rokutanda

Seiyuu: Kazunari Tanaka
He is Ginta's cousin, and often challenges him and Yuu to tennis and other competitions. Tsutomu has been going after Arimi since kindergarten, but she keeps rejecting him. The way he acts when going after Arimi is pretty pathetic. He does end up with a girlfriend in the anime though.

Shinichi Namura

Seiyuu: Tooru Furuya
The young, popular teacher at Miki's school that falls in love with Meiko. He is their homeroom and tennis advisor. When the school officials discover his relationship with Meiko, he resigns as a teacher and goes back to Hiroshima to work in the family business. He does not want to cause any more trouble for Meiko, and encourages her to find a younger, more suitable guy. Meiko stays true to him though, and the two reunite and marry at the end.

Ryouko Momoi

Seiyuu: Megumi Urawa
Momoi-sensei only appears in the anime version. She went to high school with Namura and fell in love with him. She never confessed her feelings for him though. She is very kind and keeps her emotions to herself, almost never allowing herself to break down in despair.

Anju Kitahara

Seiyuu: Kikuko Inoue
Anju, a sweet and caring person, only appears in the anime version. She has heart problems and plays the violin. She was good friends with Yuu in sixth grade, helping him get through his troubled period after finding out the truth about his father. She was Yuu's first love...though nothing happened between the two. When she remeets him at the train station several years later, she confesses her love to him. When she understands that nothing can pull him away from Miki, she wants to be second best liked next to Miki.

Michael Grant

Seiyuu: Hikaru Midorikawa
Michael is the extremely high energy, somewhat childish foreign exchange student who comes to live with the Koshikawas and Matsuuras. He likes Miki but loses her to Kei, who has more compassion and understands that Miki might still have feelings for Yuu. (Anime only)

Jinny Golding

Seiyuu: Yuka Koyama
The pretty American who falls for Yuu after he transfers to her school. She wants Yuu, and she tries everything she can think of to get him. She had a role in Miki and Yuu's first breakup. After witnessing Bill's kind attentions towards Anju, she discovers that Bill is the guy for her. (Anime only)

Brian Grant

Toshiyuki Morikawa
Tall, handsome, and rough at times, Brian, Michael's older brother, likes Jinny. He acts very jealous when Yuu arrives and Jinny starts showing attention towards him. Deep inside, he's not that bad. (Anime only)

Bill Matheson

Nobuyuki Hiyama
Bill loves to watch the stars, and his eccentricity causes Jinny to tease him about being gay. He is Yuu's roommate at St. Andrew's. He's the calm one, though he gets riled up and slaps Jinny when he finds out that she helped cause Miki and Yuu's breakup. (Anime only)

Doris O'Connor

Shiho Niiyama
Doris is Jinny's best friend, but unlike Jinny, she is more intelligent and quiet. She's a person who always keeps a cool head in tough situations. She also has a secret love... (Anime only)

The Parents

Seiyuus: Kideyuki Tanaka, Hiroko Emor,
Youko Kawanami, Satoshi Shimada

Who could forget the odd, lacking-common-sense parents who divorced, switched partners, and lived in one big house with their children? If it had not been for them, Yuu and Miki probably would have never met and become a couple. From left to right: Jin, Chiyako, Rumi, Youji

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