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MysticalAuraCOM and all the sites belonging to it are copyright 2001-2010 to Ling, who sometimes goes by the online alias Ruka. Images and the series featured in network sites are copyright to their respective creators. This site was created merely for entertainment purposes for fellow fans. mysticalaura.com was bought on December 29, 2001 at GoDaddy.

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Version 1.0- Sakura From CCS

This was the first layout for my new collective. It was done in a rush because I was in a rush to get my new domain up. This was made before I received Photoshop, so the top image was made in Paint. The special effects applied on Sakura were done by Mike.

Version 2.0-Crystallized

After receiving all these links from a friend for Photoshop tutorials, I saw this awesome one for crystals, and incorporated into this layout. I really liked the effect, and this was also the first time I tried using inline frames. A lot of people said it was simple but elegant.

Version 3.0-Dreaming of a Kiss...

Beautiful layout featuring Chibi Usa and Helios. Sweet young love. xD;; I was experimenting with a lot of grunge brushes to create the desired background effect. Then with a touch of airbrushing..voila!

Version 4.0-M Y S T E R I O U S

Layout featuring Miaka from Fushigi Yugi. The background was done using the render clouds effect. I also used this effect from bratta.com for the star links. (Hover over, and a description appears to the left)

Version 5.0- ~I Believe...

This was my first frames layout ever made, and boy did I have a lot of trouble with it. Nothing seemed to be aligning correctly at first. I also experimented with the opacity functions (see its effects on the scrollbar?) I had never played FFIX...but the stunning image of Garmet caught my attention, and I used her in the layout. That was probably one of my most favorite layouts. (The colors were so bright and cheerful. xD)

Version 6.0-Peaceful Breeze

Featuring a beautiful picture of Relena and the other women in Gundam Wing (rare to find good pictures of her), this green iframes layout reminded me of wind softly blowing on trees in the springtime. I overlayed the main image over a crystal effect made in Photoshop. With a dash of brushes and some tiles, the layout was finished. Also first pop up layout for the site.

Version 7.0-[[feel the heat]]

I often made peaceful looking colored layouts, so this was my first time making a layout so brightly colored. I loved the blend of orange and yellow. Hikaru seemed to be emerging from the bright flames. It was a frames layout aligned to the bottom right.

Version 8.0- *i wish for your happiness*

Homemade grunges. That's always nice to experience without using the grunge brushes available on the net. I love CLAMP, and this layout featured another of their works; the manga Clover.

Version 9.0- x.x.x Addicted To You

Yet another CLAMP layout. Rikuou from Gouhou (Lawful) Drug. Not many know about this series by the talented four. This manga contains a lot of shounen-ai and very good looking guys. The circling yellow stars at the top and right made for a very interesting effect.

Version 10.0- your words were like a dream...

This frame layout was up for a very long time. Featuring Yuna singing from Final Fantasy X-2, white stars flew past in the background while hover-over effects were used for the navigation links. I really like the soulful expression on Yuna's face as she sings.

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